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Each CD includes a complete set of teaching notes and 
is designed for individual or group Bible study.
  • Understanding the Trinity
  • Understanding the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the Holy Spirit's Role (part 1)
  • ​Understanding the Holy Spirit's Role (part 2)
  • Walking in the Light
  • The Identity Crisis
  • The Importance of the Male Voice
  • The Necessity of a Sense of Being
  • Embracing the Wounded (part 1)
  • Embracing the Wounded (part 2)
  • Marriage: Who's Running the Show
  • The Must Do's of Relationships
  • An Honorable Man
  • Running the Race
  • Staying on Course
Audio CD teaching series by Cliff Bennett
Audio CD teaching series by Cliff and 
Doraine Bennett

Audio CD teaching series by Cliff Bennett
Audio CD teaching series by Cliff Bennett
Facing Stress with Wisdom and Grace
by Cliff Bennett
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​"Cliff's practice has helped many of our employees gain insight and strength in their personal lives.  With When the Wheels Fall Off: Facing Stress with Wisdom and Grace, he can now share his experience and knowledge with an even larger audience. This book is chock full of practical suggestions on how to calm our stressful lives.  I've picked up quite a few things that I will start doing right away!" - Audrey Boone Tillman, AFLAC General Counsel 

"The truths in this book hit home, demonstrating the importance of facing life with God's wisdom and grace rather than choosing to walk through life with our own agenda and strength." - Barbara Cummings, teacher, and mother of three boys

"This power packed easy read, gives leaders a tool to share with their employees on dealing with life and its stress.  Cliff gives some very powerful truths to walk with our entire lives  But more importantly, this little book can be the catalyst for leaders to share some very helpful insights and life and its stress."  - Joe Robbins, Owner, Freedom Day Center

"In concise and straight forward manner, Cliff identifies the main stress factors in all of our lives and the primary reasons for them.  He goes on to offer 18 pragmatical solutions for coping with daily stress that each of us face.  If you only embrace one of his suggestions, your life will be enriched and you will be better equipped to deal with life's challenges.  " - John C Fortenberry, CPA Albright, Fortenberry and Niinas, LLP

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