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Grace Counseling

Understanding the history, focus and purpose of Grace Counseling will acquaint you with our staff and goals as a Christian family counseling ministry. We realize that the issues of life are deeply tucked away in a person’s heart. In order to help, we believe one needs to see a heart like a doctor reads an x-ray. Discerning the condition of a heart is vital to bringing emotional healing and wholeness to a life. Proverbs 4:23 puts all of this in perspective, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.” So often, people only manage to focus on the symptoms of their emotional struggles and never seem to address the root causes. At Grace Counseling, we seek to go beyond what we see and hear as the visible symptoms of a life struggle (alcoholism, anger, frustration, depression, etc.) and discover the reason these entangling behaviors began and continue. If the root causes are uncovered, then there is a real chance to correct any destructive or debilitating behavior and restore one’s well-being and personal dignity.

Over the years, Cliff Bennett, our Director, has talked with thousands of people in counseling sessions and helped clients to identify root issues, but knowing the “whys” isn’t really the hard part. The most critical challenge is helping a person come to a place where they are willing to embrace the truth, to do what needs to be done to get disentangled from the problem, and to purpose to respond to life differently. No counselor, in his own ability, can make that happen in the life of another person. Change requires grace. We define grace as the ability to see the truth about life and find the faith and courage to do something about it. Often as we talk to people, we hope and pray that grace will find entrance into the life. If grace is present, then we can work together and find resolutions to any struggle or problem. That is why our counseling service is called Grace Counseling. We see many hearts healed and many lives restored.    

We have set the counseling fee at $75.00 per hour, which is about half the cost of most counseling practices or other non-profit organizations. It is our intention to maintain this affordable fee. We do not participate with any insurance provider for two reasons; First, so that we can be Christ-centered in our counseling approach without restraint; Secondly, so that we can extend to every client Clergy Confidentiality as a privilege offered under Georgia code 24-9-22. We have a deep conviction that it is important for each client to be in a safe setting to share their deepest personal thoughts and feelings, and for them to know that everything they say will be kept in strict confidence, not subject to medical or legal inquires.

It can be difficult to share your heart with someone you don’t know. We suggest that you schedule just one appointment to see if you feel comfortable. After your first visit, simply let your heart tell you if you are in the right place. You’ll know if we are a good fit for one another. Call to schedule an initial office session, or Cliff can also provide phone counseling. We believe that it is always a privilege to be asked to help, guide, assist and encourage each and every person who calls or comes.

    Our Counseling Approach